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    Salmon and parmesan cheese salad with a honey mustard vinaigrette   (13,75€)


    Girona veal carpaccio with shaved duck foie gras and parmesan cheese   (16,00€)


    Jerusalem artichoke cream with cabbage and pork jowl cooked at low temperature   (16,00€)


    Sauteed mushrooms with low temperature cooked egg  (18,00€)


    Duck foie gras mi-cuit coated with caramelised apple and Ratafia   (18,50€)


    Scallops with cream sauce   (20,00€)


    Chicken cannelloni with truffled foie cream   (20,00€)


    Grilled foie gras with fig textures and Pedro Jimenez air   (21,00€)


    Langoustine tails with artichoke textures   (21,00€)


    Galician-style octopus on Parmentier potatoes, potato soufflé and paprika oil   (23,00€)


    Sautéed baby cuttlefish in their ink with caramelised onion   (24,00€)


    Basque hotpot with hake tongues and Galician clams in their sauce   (26,00€)





    Tuna tartare  (20,00€)


    Cod with Pil-Pil sauce (22,00€)


    Hake and clams with green sauce   (22,50€)


    San Sebastian-style wild turbot   (29,00€)


    Sticky rice with prawn from Palamós (20min.)   (30,00€)




    Veal cheek low temperature cooked with Ratafia reducion   (18,00€)


    Crispy suckling pig terrine with caramelised apple   (19,00€)


    Girona veal fillet tartar   (21,50€)


    Girona veal fillet with duck foie gras, Ratafia reduction and caramelised walnuts   (24.50€)


    Glazed boneless shoulder of kid goat in its sauce and fried potatoes with   (27,00€)





    El Pepet: biscuit glacé ice cream covered with caramelised Jijona nougat   (6,00€)


    Chocolate brownie with a hint of coffee, crumbles and ice cream, served with cherry cream and Patxaran slush   (6,00€)


    Chocolate crème brûlée with dried apricots and orange-flavoured peach   (5,00€)


    Red fruit salad on Greek yoghurt, lemon verbena sorbet and a hint of mint   (5,00€)


    Gintonic desert  (5,50€)


    Strawberries and cream (5,50€)


    Osona curd mousse with honey   (5,50€)


    A selection of sorbets   (5,00€)


    10% d’IVA included

Menú desgustació

  • Aperitivos de casa



    Espárragos de Gavà con gambas

    Espuma de espárragos con ceviche de gamba y su leche de tigre

    Royal de foie

    con anguila ahumada, ajo negro y fruta de la pasión


    a la crema, glaseada con jugo de carne  

    Fideuá sin fideos

    con alioli de plancton

    Bacalao Skrei

    con texturas de alcachofa y perlas de marisco


    cocido a baja temperatura, con tupinambo



    Gelatina de lima, espuma de ginebra i granizado de tónica, lima i pimienta rosa 


    de chocolate, cremoso de café, gel de frutos rojos y granizado de patxaran


    El menú se servirá a mesa completa. Precio, 55€ por persona